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I removed her bra and began sucking her nipples, first her right and then the left. While I did this I teased her about which nipple was the hardest. Her nipples always seemed to get harder when I teased Kate with my tongue and with my words.

Soon I hand her pants opened and my hand inside her panties sliding a finger between beastality her dewy labia and penetrating her just enough to manipulate her clitoris. It wasn't long before I had her close to climaxing.

"Now I am going to give you something to think about while you are missing me this weekend," Kate said.

She wiggled beastiality galleries her sexy ass down the sofa until she was lying with her head in my lap. Then she opened my pants and when I lifted my ass of the sofa she pushed my pants and shorts off my hips and down to my knees. Kate lifted my stiff member in her right hand and kissed it gently right on the little hole in its helmet. Then she swirled her tongue all around the head before sucking it into her mouth a little at a time. When she had about half of my sex pole in her mouth, Kate pulled back slowly until it popped out of her mouth

"I just love the way your cock tastes and feels in my mouth and I love that you get so much pleasure out of me doing this to you," Kate said. beastiality galleries

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"Any man in the world would love to get a blow job this sweet from such a beautiful sexy woman," I said.

"No other man in the world will ever get one from this woman. This is for free beastality you only," she said and then took my cock back into her mouth

When Kate and I first started dating neither of us were virgins but Kate had never given nor received oral sex before. The first time I had hinted to her that I would like her to do that for me she said she couldn't. She told me the idea of oral sex, giving or receiving was repulsive so I didn't push her. We had been dating for about four months when one night we were out drinking and dancing. The later it got the more intimate and suggestive our dancing became and by the time we got back to my apartment that night we were both pretty horny.

I had often kissed the insides of Kate's thighs but she would always stop beastiality live me before I got to her panties but that night she didn't stop me. When I put my mouth on her panties and pressed against her pussy she let out a small moan but made no attempt to stop me. I knew that was the night so I didn't waste any time. I pulled the crotch of her panties aside and pushed my tongue inside her. I knew that if I was ever going to be able to do that again I would have to make sure she really enjoyed what I was doing so I went after her clitoris. I sucked the little nub up between my lips and flicked it with my tongue as fast as I could. I managed to give her an orgasm and when it was over Kate kissed me

"Do you want me to do that to you now?" She asked. beastiality live

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"Do you want to?"

"I think I would like beastality stories to try," she said

That night she took my cock into her mouth for the first time. I had to tell her what felt good and what didn't but she caught on quickly and made it clear that she wanted to please me. When it was over Kate didn't say a word about it but after that night oral sex became a regular part of our love making. Kate has always told me that the only reason she had oral sex with me was because she loved me so much that she wanted to share something more than just intercourse with me.

It had been two years since the first time Kate and I had oral sex and on this bestiality movies night Kate was giving me one of the best oral treatments she had ever given me. She had me near climax several times but backed off to let me recover and then started me up again.

Finally she pulled me down on top of her and I pushed my throbbing cock inside Kate's warm wet tunnel. After five glorious minutes I climaxed inside Kate and relaxed on top of her. bestiality movies

"If you're a good boy while I'm gone and I'll do this to you again on Sunday when I get back," Kate said.

"The same beastality pics goes for you." I said

By the time I went to bed Thursday night I was exhausted but I didn't sleep well. I still hadn't decided what I was going to do about Kate's trip to Las Vegas.

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Kate's bag had already been packed for the trip so in the morning I drove Kate to work and kissed her good bye and then drove to my office. By the time I got to work my mind was made up so I called the Monte Carlo and booked a room for the weekend. free horse sex

I tried to work but couldn't concentrate on anything. I don't know why I was so worked up about Kate going to Vegas for the weekend. By ten o'clock I could no longer concentrate on even the simplest of tasks so I decided to take the rest of the day off and get an early start. I called my boss and told him that I had some personal business to take care of and I was packed and on the road by eleven o'clock that morning.

Leaving Los Angeles when I free beastality stories did helped me to avoid the heaviest of the Vegas bound weekend traffic. This allowed me to make it to the Monte Carlo hotel in four and a half hours. I left my car with the valet and went to check in and twenty minutes later I was in my seventh floor room looking out at the pool and trying to calculate what time Kate and her friends would arrive. I figured that they would get on the road around two o'clock. Leaving at that time of day it would probably take them five and a half to six hours to cross the desert putting them at the hotel between 7:30 and 8:00 PM. That would give me plenty of time to relax, play some blackjack and be ready when they arrived.

I decided to go down to the casino at five o'clock in my surfer disguise and play some blackjack for a while. I wanted to see how people sitting close by responded to me. If they kept staring at me I would know that my disguise looked fake or somehow was making me stand out rather than blend in like I wanted.

I need not have worried. My disguise made me almost invisible. At one point I horse dick ordered a drink from the cocktail waitress and when she came back with the drink she didn't remember who ordered it. No one at the table even gave me a second look

At 7:25 PM I went outside and sat on a bench near the entrance to the hotel lobby. From there I would be able see everyone coming into the hotel. horse dick

It was nearly eight o'clock when they pulled up to the valet and exited the rental van they were driving. Pam had been driving and looked pretty normal when she got out of the van. Kate, Sherry and Brenda all looked like that had been drinking during the trip over. They were a little unsteady and kept giggling. I was glad to see that Pam was sober. The four of them passed within five feet of me on their way into the hotel and didn't even look at me.

The check in lines were getting long so I didn't need to hurry inside after them. I beastility waited ten minutes and then wandered into the lobby. The four of them were standing together in one line so I moved as close as I dare to see if I could hear anything.

I couldn't hear much other that they were pretty excited to be there. I heard Pam say, "As soon as I get checked in I am going to have a few quick drinks to catch up with you guys."

The others laughed. It was another fifteen minutes before they got their room keys and headed to animal sex pics the elevators. I followed along about twenty feet behind them. I tried to give the impression to anyone watching that I knew where I was going and it just happened to be the same place Kate was going.

When the elevator came I knew I was talking a chance getting in with them so I got in last and kept my back to the girls but I was able to see that Sherry pushed the button for seventeen. When the elevator stopped on the seventeenth floor I stepped aside like a gentleman and let the girls get off first and then followed behind at a distance to see which wing of the hotel they went into to get to their rooms. When they turned to the right I continued straight for a short distance so that they would not notice that they were being followed. animal sex pics

After a few seconds I backed up and looked down the hallway they had taken. The four of then were still walking and none of them looked back so I was able to watch them walk all the way to their rooms. It appeared that their rooms were almost at the end of the corridor on the right. I guessed that there were only two regular rooms beyond their room and then there was a suite at the end of the hall.

Kate's room was the one closest free beastility stories to the end of the corridor. When the door closed behind them I moved quickly down the hall until I was close enough to get Kate's room number. She was in room 17138

One emboldened caress, one brazen kiss, were all it tookBefore caution vanished like mist into the recesses of the mind.Mouths melded, tongues danced, meeting again and againAs they grew hungrier, more urgent in their intensity.Nimble digits touched here, caressed there, as fabricOf all sorts drifted away, settling where they would.Softness met hardness, flesh to flesh, hunger to hunger, Passion flaring and leaping from one to the other, Until mewlings of lust became interspersed with Soft moans of need. Pink muscle met a hard Counterpart, flitting softly here, sliding boldly there,Insatiable in it's quest for pleasure, both given and Received. Questing palms found lush globes of softness,Tweaking peaks, caressing and kneading silken smoothness.Yearning quickly became need, burning within and Straining for completion of what had been begun.That first parting of folds, the silken sensations of Rigid flesh sliding home amongst the slick warmth Of that which eagerly awaited, throbbing with need.And the joining was complete... sensations savored,Lashes lowered, lips parted in utter pleasure. That One moment, forever changing two souls, charting A new course as sensations built within each stroke,Surging forward, striving for the moment of fulfillment.And when it it was obtained... soft sighs, gliding fingertips, the cooling of heated flesh slick with The remnants of heart became lost;Given completely to the wonderment... Not only of the flesh, but also of the mind.

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Tiffany is a pleasantly plump divorced free beastility woman whose most noticeable feature is her large breasts. She is justifiably proud of them because, not only are they big, they are also firm and completely natural. The best thing about them is that they are topped by very sensitive nipples and she loves to have me lick and suck on her breasts until she climaxes. I really enjoy it too and that is always a major part of our love-making

It was certainly a major part the last time we were together. When I entered her apartment, she was wearing a cardigan and a skirt and, as we stood hugging and kissing I could tell she was wearing nothing under the sweater. I started undoing the buttons while we were kissing and Tiffany thrust her chest out even more than it already was. Although she had enjoyed having my tongue in her mouth she knew she would really love it on her breasts.

That's where it was as soon as her dog fuck sweater was open. One of my hands cupped one of her succulent mounds while my tongue caressed her adorable nipple, relishing its texture. Tiffany shucked off her sweater and interrupted her sighs of pleasure to say, "That feels great, George. But let's go into the bedroom. It will feel even better when we're lying there.

I followed her into the room where her bed was waiting for us. Just before lying down, she removed her skirt and I was glad to see she was not wearing anything under there either. Since I also enjoy making love naked, I took off all my clothing and lay down beside her. Tiffany was on her back with her head supported by a pillow, a big smile of anticipation on her face and her hands holding up her breasts for me to pleasure. dog fuck

It was a pleasure for me too as I spent a long time licking her nipples, moving my mouth between them for a few strokes on either of the beautiful twins. Tiffany was writhing on the bed from her delight in what I was doing. When I glanced down, I saw her pussy humping into the air and I could also smell the delectable aroma of her fresh juices. I knew it was time to take her breasts into my mouth, so I drew one of the lovely globes in as far as I could and gently sucked while continuing to caress her nipple and areola with my tongue. Once again, I moved my mouth from one luscious mound to the other, sucking and licking as Tiffany moaned ecstatically and moved closer to her orgasm.

I was pressing down on her upper body, free beast keeping one hand under either breast and Tiffany squirmed under me, presenting them to my mouth. Her legs and lower body were free to move, and move is what they did, kicking and thrashing and fucking into the air from the pleasure she was receiving, while her head tossed from side to side on her pillow. "Oh! Oh!" she blurted. "Oh, my God, I'm cumming. I'm cumming!"

The frantic movements of her lower body intensified and her arms flailed the mattress as Tiffany enjoyed herself to the utmost. It was highly enjoyable for me too, as I held her breast securely in my mouth, licking and sucking for as long as she continued cumming. When she climaxed, it was with a great spasm of her body, arching her back and thrusting her pussy into the air, then relaxing on the bed.

After her orgasm, I got up and picked up the bottle of farmsex baby oil that was sitting on the nearby dresser. Tiffany's legs were sprawled apart on the bed so I knelt between them and feasted on the juices that she had produced. I licked the nectar from her thighs, her crotch and from all over her pussy, taking my time to get every delicious drop. When I finished, I looked up at her face. Tiffany was looking at me and smiling, from the wonderful climax she had just enjoyed, from the feel of my tongue on her pussy and, most of all, from what she knew was going to be happening next.

"Come up here, George," was her invitation as she held her twin treasures ready for me. farmsex

After I generously applied the baby oil between the lovely mounds and on my cock I crept up into position. With my hands above and beside her head supporting most of my weight, I rested my cock in the delightful nest that Tiffany was creating with her breasts. With me in place, she squeezed them together, forming a marvelous channel. To my cock, they felt like two incredible warm, vibrant pillows and I began slowly stroking between them. With every stroke, forward and back, I could feel her erect nipples rubbing pleasantly against my skin.

I could also feel Tiffany's beastyality mouth doing amazing things to the tip of my cock. Sometimes she licked when it was near. Sometimes she kissed it or pressed her tongue against the slit in the end. Sometimes she leaned her head forward and let her lips enfold and caress as much of the head and shaft as she could. She did what she wanted and I took my time between strokes so she could do whatever delightful thing she chose

For a long time, I slowly fucked the wonderful nest Tiffany had created for me, making the incredible pleasure last, but I could feel my own climax approaching. "I'm getting ready to cum, Tiffany," I told her.

"Okay, George. I want you to cum on my tongue.

That seemed like a good idea to me too, so she moved the channel of her breasts closer to her face and I moved forward slightly so my cock head and part of the shaft entered her mouth at every stroke.